Marrying profit and purpose

Sustainability has come a long way. A peripheral subject 20 years ago, it is now at the heart of the boardroom under the guise of ESG. ESG is the lens through which investors view Sustainability.

Investors are now voting with their money and propelling ESG investing from the margins to the real economy. Companies …

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Fast growing companies and potential unicorns – Improving your odds

Running a fast-growing company is exhausting. Finding a business model that works, fluctuating cash flow and keeping early stage investors happy. All whilst boosting sales and cementing the right culture. No wonder communications basics and telling your story can take a back seat.

Yet delaying this, means you’ll hinder growth past a certain point. At Thoburns, we shape your story …

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When a situation becomes toxic

We have dealt with your worst-case scenario.

A modern crisis can escalate faster than ever before. What was previously a risk to your reputation might now put you out of business entirely.

We are your canary in the coal mine, and your early warning system on risks and reputational threats.

Our approach is based on knowing …

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The new face of the cyber landscape

A cyber attack is less a matter of if, and more a question of when.

A data breach that compromises customers’ personal data can be a existential threat. And with GDPR – even if you survive – the regulators will make sure you are hit where it hurts – with huge potential fines.

The only …

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